Education in September 

18th September 2017 was my first day as a teacher in a traditional classroom. I stepped into the classroom feeling highly motivated. I was supposed to be, for I had long before then read and understood the educational inequities in Nigeria. The data is damning. That of the worldwide 36 million out of school children,… Continue reading Education in September 

On World Teacher’s Day…

Today is my 18th day working as a public school teacher in Ogun State, Nigeria. Communication barrier, low culture of achievement, and a lack of motivation for learning, are some of the dire challenges I’m grappling with. Thankfully, all of these issues can be improved upon, and surmounted. This week I’ve had to facilitate the… Continue reading On World Teacher’s Day…

Non-communicable disease – the 21st Century challenge in Global Health?

By Dr Uchechika Iroegbu (guest blogger) Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This subject, alongside global warming, terrorism and pollution, is one of the regular headlines in today’s news. Introduction The question should be asked…what are non-communicable diseases and why do we need to educate ourselves on the subject? In this increasingly westernized world, non-communicable diseases such as… Continue reading Non-communicable disease – the 21st Century challenge in Global Health?

My first taste of the world’s cruelty 

I was sexually molested on an ordinary day; two days before my ninth birthday. It was a Saturday. This was the day mother usually had community volunteering work. Father, on the other hand, was always working, even on weekends. He’s a doctor after all. It was a norm during my childhood to never have my… Continue reading My first taste of the world’s cruelty 

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue. Imagine taking a relative to the hospital for a life-threatening infection, and finding out that the infection is resistant to every form of administered medication. Your relative doesn’t get better. And unfortunately, time runs out, and your relative dies. That is the sad possibility and has been the reality… Continue reading Antibiotic Resistance