The Men Who Sell Medicines On A Bus

Travelling is beautiful, mostly interesting, especially when you travel by bus in Nigeria. There was a time I did bus travels a lot, of a particular route – the Port Harcourt/Warri axis of the East/West Road. I memorized that route like the definition of weightlessness. It pulled me, time and again, to the center of… Continue reading The Men Who Sell Medicines On A Bus

Lassa fever, trends and hygiene

“What is that you’re applying on your hands?” my colleague at work asked me. “Hand sanitizer,” I replied. “Oh okay, but Ebola has gone. Or is it back?” she continued. “No it’s not back. I just like to clean my hands every now and again. Helps keep germs away,” I answered. “O ga o,” she… Continue reading Lassa fever, trends and hygiene

The Many Cracks In Shattered Glass (a walk through the mind of abuse)

Look at that waist, those legs, that neck Tall and proud, she gracefully paced the deck My heart raced, pulse quickened within me. This was love, yes it had to be This overwhelming need to be in-between To part those legs, and arch those hips and see. Volumptous lips against mine, oh – that would… Continue reading The Many Cracks In Shattered Glass (a walk through the mind of abuse)

The Battle of the Mind

It is a funny thing… …the mind. A battlefield. A mine. One minute full of anticipation. It sees that which its soul craves Seconds pass…days. Anticipation turns into bleak despair The wanting, the need That fear that it will never receive That thing which will relieve, the burning desire ignited within. It is a funny… Continue reading The Battle of the Mind

9 lessons teaching has taught me so far 

1. Communication is everything Imagine this scenario: you – a university graduate who has spent over twenty years of your life communicating in the English language – standing in front of your pupils sharing a story with them, and after about 5 minutes of talking, realize that your pupils got little to nothing from all… Continue reading 9 lessons teaching has taught me so far 

Education in September 

18th September 2017 was my first day as a teacher in a traditional classroom. I stepped into the classroom feeling highly motivated. I was supposed to be, for I had long before then read and understood the educational inequities in Nigeria. The data is damning. That of the worldwide 36 million out of school children,… Continue reading Education in September 

On World Teacher’s Day…

Today is my 18th day working as a public school teacher in Ogun State, Nigeria. Communication barrier, low culture of achievement, and a lack of motivation for learning, are some of the dire challenges I’m grappling with. Thankfully, all of these issues can be improved upon, and surmounted. This week I’ve had to facilitate the… Continue reading On World Teacher’s Day…